A Complete Guide To Setup Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 Dual Band Router

nighthawk router setup

Are searching for the steps to set up AC1750 Dual-band router on the network? If yes, then here’s a guide for you. The steps discussed here in the post are simple and easy to follow. If you are configuring the router on the network for the first time, then you will find the information helpful.

Steps for configuring AC1750 smart dual-band router

  1. To start with the setup, you must make sure that your modem is connected to the internet connection. A modem is provided by the Internet service provider at the time of subscription.
  2. Unpack router and its essential parts. You will find a router, an Ethernet cable, and a power adapter inside the box.
  3. For better signal reception, you must position the Antennas 45 degrees from the center.
  4. Turn off the cable modem and must ensure that the Wi-Fi router is not connected to the power adapter. Turn the router towards your side and check for the Ethernet port given on it. Connect Ethernet cable one end to this port.
  5. Plug another end of the Ethernet cable into the cable modem port.
  6. Now connect both the device’s router and modem to the supply and check the color of the power light. If it is amber, then it means the router is booting up. If it is solid white, then your router is ready for setup.
  7. Check the label at the back of the router where you will find the default login details like username and password. Here you will also find the IP address of the router. Open any browser and enter the same details after opening the Netgear IP on it.
  8. Tap to select the Wi-Fi network.
  9. After selecting the network, you will be able to access the internet.

Netgear Nighthawk

Before establishing connections on the Nighthawk Router Setup, you will find an installation guide page that automatically gets opened on the browser. To get into the login page directly, enter the URL of your router and default router credentials in the account.

Note: How to log into 192.168.l.254?

From the admin panel, you will be able to modify or access all the features like ‘Optimizing internet speed’, change port forwarding, video streaming from popular apps and channels. If you want to use this device as a gaming console or as a media hub, then connect it like an external USB storage device. To block internet access or filter some websites that play explicit content on the screen, you can make use of ‘Keyword filter’. With the help of a virtual private network, you can access your personal files from your computer as well as from the host computer all over the world.

If you have not purchased this device yet, then it’s the right time to purchase it as all the new and emerging technologies are available in it.

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