Easy Ways To Remove Wireless Preferred Network From Windows 8

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In windows 8 OS, you have the option to check the list of wireless networks available or to which you are connected to earlier. You can even change the order of preferred networks in which the router is connected. If you wish to remove any preferred network from the list, you can do so by getting into the ‘Control panel’ then into ‘Network and internet’. From here, search for ‘Manage wireless networks.

To carry out the feature on your Windows 8 OS, you have two methods out of which you can follow anyone.

Method 1: Delete network on the wireless network list

You can follow this method only if the network is within the range of the computer. Read all the steps carefully and implement them on your own.

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Windows Key’ from the keyboard and + ‘I’ key.
  2. Go to the ‘Wireless icon’ and right-click on the ‘Network’.
  3. Click ‘Forget network’. When you click on forget the network, all the details related to the Netgear network will be deleted and if you want the same network again, you will have to enter the SSID and password manually.

Method 2: Do Google and search for wireless profile management software.

  1. Search for the software online, you will get different results on the screen. Click on ‘Wi-Fi profile Manager 8’. This is available for free to download. Once downloaded, install the same on your device.
  2. With a Wi-Fi profile manager, you can select the best-preferred network profile, change the list order, and Export or import files to and from XML. You can also remove profiles from management software.

Method 3: Deleting the wireless preferred network files manually

  1. For deleting the preferred network files manually, go to ‘My computer’ from the desktop screen.
  2. Click on ‘Local drive C:’
  • Tap ‘View’ and select ‘Hidden items’ from the list of items.
  1. Double click ‘program data’.
  2. Under the program data, you will find the ‘Microsoft’ folder.
  3. Search for ‘WLansvc’ and click to open it.
  • Go to the ‘Profiles’ section.
  • Check folder with name ‘Interfaces’.
  1. A single folder will be listed, double click to open it.
  2. All the profiles created so far for different networks will be displayed on the screen.
  3. Open all the files one by one and select SSID and wireless name. Select the type of security. After identifying the profile, select ‘Delete’ to remove the same profile.

Note: Don’t forget to uncheck ‘Hidden items’ given under the ‘View’ option. This will avoid any chances of files being deleted accidentally.

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