How To Change Settings Of A Netgear DGN1000v3 Router

Once you configure your Netgear Router, you can get rid of the Ethernet cable and directly connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. You can access the admin panel of the router by entering the IP address of the router in the web browser.

Below are all the main settings you can change within the router, such as opening doors, accessing the admin panel, Wi-Fi network parameters, and much more. Eventually, they will come in handy!

How to open ports in a Netgear router

Do you need to open the Netgear router ports to allow other software that requires this type of configuration to work correctly? No problem.

Go to the Advanced tab of the administration panel and select the items Advanced configuration> Port forwarding/activation from the left sidebar. Then click on the Add custom service button and fill out the form that is proposed to you with all the information requested.

In the Service Name field, you must type a name of your choice to assign to the rule.

In the Initial Port, External Port, and Internal Initial Port fields, you must enter the TCP/UDP port number to be opened.

In the Internal IP address field, you must type the IP address of the computer in use (eg, you can find it listed and select it in the table located at the bottom right).

Once the configuration is complete, click on the Apply button and you’re done.

In some cases, the activation of the UPnP could also be useful. Then select the item Advanced configuration> UPnP from the left sidebar and put the checkmark next to the item Enable UPnP.

How to change the access password of a Netgear router

First, you entered the router administration panel by typing the combination of username and password set by default on the device. For obvious security reasons, you should change it by going to the Advanced tab of the panel and selecting the items Administration> Set password from the left sidebar.

How to change password and Wi-Fi channel in a Netgear router

Regarding the password of the wireless network (which you should have set previously), choose a keyword of 2-16 characters, meaningless, consisting of capital letters, lowercase letters, special characters (e.g., exclamation point, asterisk) and numbers. The encryption method instead I advise you to set it on WPA2-PSK which currently ensures the best degree of protection against attack by attackers (for more info on this topic, see also my tutorial on how to set Wi-Fi password) but that’s OK too WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] which ensures a greater degree of compatibility with older devices.

You can change the password and the encryption mode of your wireless network at any time by going to the Base tab of the administration panel of the Netgear router and selecting the Wireless item from the left sidebar. From the same screen, you can also adjust the Wi-Fi network channel and the name of the latter (SSID).

From the same screen, you can also change the Wi-Fi network channel. As we explained to you in our tutorial on how to change the Wi-Fi channel, this operation avoids interference from other wireless devices (and neighbors’ Wi-Fi networks) and can, therefore, improve network performance.

The recommended channels for “traditional” Wi-Fi connections (those at 2.4GHz) are 1, 6, and 11 (the only channels that do not overlap with each other). If you have a dual-band router and then you can also set up 5GHz networks we suggest you leave the default values, which should be fine already.

How to change the connection parameters on a Netgear router

If the Internet connection does not work well and you want to change the parameters of the latter without re-configuring the router from scratch, go to the ‘Advanced tab’, select the item xDSL Settings from the left sidebar, and set the parameters related to VPI, VCI and Mode DSL.

Next, select the Internet Configuration item from the left sidebar and adjust all other Internet connection parameters, such as username and password (if the connection requires them), DNS, and more.

On both screens, to save the settings and make the changes effective, click on the Apply button.

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