How To Enable VPN On Netgear Nighthawk Router Using Mac OS Computer?

Netgear Nighthawk

Enabling Virtual private network on router offers you to use the internet securely even when you are away from your home location. This type of VPN is also known as Client-to-gateway channel. Here, the computer will act as a client and the Netgear router as a gateway.

In today’s discussion, we are going to suggest the steps to setup VPN on Netgear Nighthawk router using Mac OS computer. If you are using a Mac Book, then these steps will be proven helpful for you as the steps are already tested and verified by the experts.

Now, coming on to steps for enabling VPN service on Nighthawk router:

  1. First of all, to start with the steps your computer must be connected to the router either wirelessly or wired. For a wireless connection, you must connect the computer to the desired SSID.
  2. From the internet browser, visit the Netgear router login page. You can visit either or page.
  3. Once the Authentication window gets opened, you will have to enter the default login details like username and password. The default username is ‘Admin’ and the password is ‘Password’.
  4. Click to login. You will find a Netgear Genie display.
  5. Go to ‘Advanced’ menu followed by ‘Advanced setup’.
  6. Under ‘Advanced settings’, search for VPN service. If this option is disabled, enable it and click ‘Apply’.

Note: If you want to change the service type, Click on ‘Port and service type’ menu. Make all necessary changes before clicking on ‘Apply’ as all the information will then get saved.

  1. When prompted, select ‘Non-windows’ to download VPN for Mac OS.
  2. Launch Tunnelblick VPN client on your computer. As told in the previous step, if the software is not available, you can download from the official website.
  3. Tap ‘I have configuration files’.
  4. After step 9, press ‘Ok’.
  5. Now, form a new folder in your Mac OS computer.
  6. Open downloaded files from the router and copy them to the recently created folder.
  7. Rename the folder by adding extension .tblk at the end.
  8. Launch folder to start installing files from it. If prompted, enter computer password to login to the windows.
  9. Tap ‘Tunnelblick’ icon from the desktop of a Mac computer.
  10. Click ‘Connect’.
  11. Wait till the VPN gets connected.
  12. You will find the ‘Successful’ message on the screen. You are now connected to ‘Tunnelblick’ VPN.

Important: It must be remembered that the TUN/TAP port numbers should not be the same if you are using Open VPN on smartphone and PC at the same time. The default values of TUN and TAP port are given here as under:

TUN mode: 12973

TAP mode: 12974

TUN mode is preferred for smartphone users and TAP mode is for PC users.

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