How To Reconnect Netgear Nighthawk Range Extender To Home Network?

In this topic, you will come to know the steps for reconnecting Netgear Wi-Fi range extender to the home network. Here, we are talking off re-connect, so the extender must have configured earlier on the network and should have a valid IP address.

Firstly, we are going to discuss the steps for reconnecting the Netgear extender using the Ethernet cable:

  1. Connect the Nighthawk extender to the computer with the help of Ethernet cable. Connect one end of the cable to the extender and other to the computer.
  2. Open an internet browser on the computer.
  3. Type in the browser URL address bar.
  4. Click ‘Enter’ followed by ‘Search’.
  5. You will find a login page displayed on the screen. Click to enter the login name and password.
  6. In case the login page doesn’t appear on the screen, click on the link which says, ‘Can’t access’.
  7. After step 5, enter the ‘Admin’ as username and ‘Password’ in the password field. Both the credentials are case-sensitive. You must enter them carefully.
  8. If you want to reset or recover the password of your extender login, you can click on ‘Reset password help’ link.
  9. You will find a link, ‘How to perform a factory reset on my Netgear Nighthawk extender’? Factory reset will delete all the passwords and other settings configured so far. Everything will now come to default.
  10. Tap Login
  11. Go to ‘Setup’ then ‘Wireless settings’.
  12. Under security option, go to the ‘Password’ field and verify the password entered in the box. If the password doesn’t match, you will find a message on the screen.
  13. Tap ‘Apply’.
  14. Reconnect all the Wi-Fi enabled devices to the extender.

How to reconnect Netgear extender using a Wi-Fi network?

  • Push and hold the factory settings button given on the side panel for at least 7 seconds. Your range extender will reset.
  • Go to a laptop or mobile Wi-Fi menu and select the Wi-Fi network related to the extender from the list.
  • Open a web browser on the same device and enter the same address as discussed for the previous method.
  • Press ‘Enter’ and search model number by entering the serial number.
  • Enter default login username and password. The default username and password can be retrieved from the same website itself under the ‘Help’ link.
  • Enter ‘Admin’ in the username and ‘Password’ in the password field of the extender.
  • Both the fields are case-sensitive.
  • Tap login.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to reconnect the extender to the home network.
  • From any smartphone or device, select the SSID of your extender and enter the password if you have enabled any security on it.
  • Reconnect all the devices one by one and start accessing internet flawlessly.

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