Must Try 4 Best Changes On Netgear Nighthawk Router To Have Fast And Safer Internet Access

A common belief in the minds of users related to Netgear router is that they can’t change the settings of it once done which is totally false. You can do changes at any time according to your preference. Indeed you can enjoy much faster and safer internet access after modifying the settings of this black box.

Now, we are going to mention the 4 best changes you can make on your Netgear nighthawk router to get most out of it.

  1. Use alternate channel: If we talk about current router models, these are jam-packed with multiple channels you can select from. If you want to avoid congestion or interference, turn on ‘Auto channel’ mode of your router. It will change the channel automatically.

You can also use the simple Wi-Fi tools to analyze the best channel for your home wireless router. If you are using an android device, then it is quite simple to get the most optimal channel on your device. There is no need to adjust the channels again and again.

  1. Itemize the devices: Out of the total number of available devices, you can prioritize the device which you use the most. Like for example, if you play games more than watching TV, then you can set priority for a gaming console.

This is possible with WMM technology also known as Wi-Fi multimedia. You will find it by different names in different routers. Set the default login according to your priority and the right option from the list of given items.

  1. Enable High speeds: You may or may not notice the Wi-Fi standard mentioned on the Netgear router box. This not only indicates the standard of operation but also the speed. In the latest 802.11ac, you will find ac written behind the number which signifies the speed of Netgear router. Select maximum speed by choosing the right pattern.

For smartphones or notebooks, 802.11ac is a compatible and high-speed standard. There is no need to accommodate the old router. If you find any problem, you can set the speed again to default.

  1. Update firmware: Updating Netgear firmware is not as easy as Android or iOS do. You need to follow some steps in order to update the firmware. With the latest release, all the previous bugs will be removed and security patch gets included. To update the firmware, open Netgear website and click on ‘Device information’. Enter the model number of your device and check if the update is available or not. If yes, then download it and save the file on the computer. You can transfer the files by connecting the router to the computer using Ethernet cable.

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